We are a technology and innovation consulting business and it is very fitting that in 2012 our company started through identifying an opportunity to develop something unique and different using robotics and automation.


From day one, Sandpit has always been about innovation and creating a better way. We believe that all companies have the potential to be better, but so many fail to innovate (particularly big ones) in a commercially practical way – so we wanted to fill that gap.


Since 2012, we’ve come a long way. We’ve help create a number of innovative products leveraging our operational knowledge, engineering skills and business acumen. We became known for our ability to cross pollinate technologies from other industries – including partnering with organisations such as Lockheed Martin – to adapt ideas from defence, automotive, fast moving consumer goods, gaming technology and even dentistry and made them fit for purpose in other sectors.


However, it was through building products and solutions, we recognised that our real value lies helping organisations rapidly understand their problem areas based on all elements of value, before jumping to the solution – cementing our belief that 90% of the solution is in understanding the problem first.


Today we are known for our ability to think differently and support organisations in their technology and innovation journey to help leaders lead in the face of exponential change.


Our most recent work includes:

  • Developing Global Innovation Strategies
  • Remote and integrated operations centres from concept to execution, including applications for space
  • Pathways to net zero carbon, including assessment of hydrogen, CCS and other alternate fuels
  • Researching and leading in situ extraction methods
  • Supporting the transformation to autonomous operations from business case to implementation;
  • Large scale cultural change to support organisations move from a traditional hierarchical structureto a culture that supports improving human adaptability to exponential change


Through all our work, our most valuable asset has nothing to do with technology, IP or consulting processes, it is our people. We come from an operational background, we are passionate about innovation and improvement and we genuinely want to deliver value.


Our team is made up of ~60% female, which provides us with the diversity of thought required to think innovatively, we are about 90% STEM and many of our team are proudly WA based, but we also have an extensive network to source the best person for the job …not the best person from our bench.


At Sandpit, we are all about doing meaningful work, with the right people, for the right people who share our vision and passion for creating a better way.